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Thread: old pics

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    old pics

    I have some old pics from a meet that was held in Maine at the Acton Fairgrounds from the summer of 88.Mostly bike photos but there are a few personalities in there.One in particular is an older gent with a one cylinder blue bicycle which I believe is an award for something.There is also a few pics of a really nice baby blue flathead with a right side tank shift and a host of Indians.

    I don't know how to post them and I would be willing to send them to someone that would post some if there would be an interest.Who knows I may have caught a real celeb with dirty hands or something.Ron

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    Re: old pics

    Simply open a free account with Image hosting, free photo sharing & video sharing at Photobucket
    Upload your photos there. Then cut and paste your photos "IMG code" on these pages and wallah! You have pictures.
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    Be sure to register so you can view large photos

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    Re: old pics

    Or are you saying you dan't have a scanner?
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    Re: old pics

    I thought that I didnt but I do and I'm gonna get a lesson

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