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    '48 Chief

    I owned this 1948 Indian Chief for about 20 years, sold it 10 years ago. All that time no one ever commented on anything unusual about it other than the colors dont match. Sidecar was repainted.

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    Re: '48 Chief

    You mean the Harley sidecar body?
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    Re: '48 Chief

    Correct! No one ever commented on that although I never had it to any AMCA meets. I bought the sidecar in Buffalo, NY in the '70s from a guy that was selling his Chief. He wanted $4500 for his rig, all I wanted was the sidecar and the hard to find fittings. I offered $1500. if he could sell the bike to someone that didnt want the sidecar. 2 weeks later he called me back to come and get it. I lived in Jamestown, NY at the time and drove the 75 miles to Buffalo. We removed it from his Chief and I returned home and installed it on mine the same day. The original owner swore that it came that way. It was painted school bus orange and I had it repainted but the painter put too much green in it and it came out canary yellow. Actually I like the looks of the vintage HD sidecar tub better than the Indian. It already had the Indian fender and light.

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    Re: '48 Chief

    Great story, Forty Scout! It's an adventure every time we go about acquiring a new ride, a sidecar. Every one comes with a fascinating tale. Thanx for sharing!
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