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Thread: Dragonman machine shop

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    Dragonman machine shop

    Does anyone know of the quality of work from the Dragonman machine shop in Colorado Springs.Thanks

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    Re: Dragonman machine shop

    Although I have no first-hand knowledge, I have heard two different opinions; one is that he "Does pretty good work", and the other is "Run like Hell!"
    Others here may offer their opinion based on real experience. I think you'll also get some other suggestions for more reputable shops to do the same kind of work.
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    Re: Dragonman machine shop

    "Run (do not walk), like hell," Joco! Remember the 1980s, when "Dragon" advertised "performance work," willing to do almost anything to a Harley engine, by mail, in all the various chopper magazines?
    I had a buddy in Kentucky who sent him a Panhead engine. He wanted various things, including a bore and stroke. Dragon charged him what was then an-arm-and-a-leg, and sent it back. It was ruined, basically. They opened the cylinder holes for their o.s. jugs so far that they cut open the top end oil feed passages, but did "nothing" to fix them, like plug um up and adapt the top end to outside oil feed, or even tell my friend about the fatal flaw they put in his motor. He installed it back in his bike and got no oil to the top end. It was all escaping inside at the base of the cylinders, and never got out of the crankcase.
    He called Dragon and they denied there was anything wrong; stonewalled him. My friend wasn't one to take something like that lying down. He researched the law, took a bunch of photos, and sued Dragon in their locality in Small Claims Court. He got all his ducks in line, and rode his other Harley out to Colorado for his day in court.
    Dragon also sent someone to the no-lawyers-allowed style court, but my friend had all of his papers and records, and won; got a judgement against Dragon for the whole amount he paid, and costs, right in Dragon's home town.
    Find someone local to you, Joco, that you can deal with face-to-face.
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    Re: Dragonman machine shop

    if i run into something i cant do or just dont want to i send it to phill at advance cycle machine in superior wisconsin. the guy has been at it for over 60 years and has forgot more than most of us will ever know.715-392-7095.

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    Re: Dragonman machine shop

    Years ago I sent a 71 Shovelhead head motor to Dragon for a rebuild. ( based on a series of articles printed in one of the magazines ).

    Short Version: Didn't do what was advertised, didn't line oil holes in outer bearings up with case passages. ( when I called him on this , told me it'd be OK ) and just generally did sloppy , half-assed work.

    Lesson ? Get SOLID recommendations for engine work from a few different sources ( such as here ) AND don't believe everything you read in a magazine !

    Good Luck

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