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    For newbies and others, one has only to go to the AMCA website to see all the meets and roadruns in the year!!!!

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    Ron - do you have any more information on that auction? I go to the Briggs auction in Boothwyn but it doesn't seem to be the same one. I'd love to check it out.


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    My mistake guys,this year the aution is being held on April 18 in Chadds Ford at Bunchs(not Briggs).Its located real close to the intersection of Rt1 on Rt 202.In years past,it was the Sunday of the Oley meet.Its sort of a let down after seeing the tremendous amount of old machinery at Oley. The bidding for bikes does make it interesting.

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    Thanks, I might check out the auction. I love Oley because it really is the first meet of the year for me. I usaully hit Oley, Rhinebeck and Jefferson so this meet really starts my year off right. You always see some great machines and you can usually find some parts.....but they might be a little pricey when compared to other meets.

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    Re: Oley

    chadds ford motorcycle auction 4,18

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    Re: Oley

    The Oley meet makes a great start to the east coast swap meet season. The town is lovely, as is the surrounding countryside. Lots of bikes and vendors (get there first thing Friday for the best selection of parts, Saturday for the biggest crowd).


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    Quote Originally Posted by worshamcastle View Post
    For newbies and others, one has only to go to the AMCA website to see all the meets and roadruns in the year!!!!
    One would actually have to place them in the event calendar for newbies and others to see. I did check the other site and nothing was listed. But I'm good now. Looks like Oley is a small place. It should be easy to find.
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    Lookie what I found on the back of my new AMCA membership card that I received in the mail today. Looks like I'm good to go for the rest of the year.

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    All the AMCA events have always been and still are on the AMCA site for all to see. They are also all listed in the magazine every issue.Not hard to find them!

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    Another good meet in South Eastern Pa on April 18 is the Gathering of the Nortons at Washington's Crossing State Park .They have everything from anitique Brits to comtemporary bikes in a nice setting on the Delaware river. All makes are welcome.

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