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Thread: Running Shovelhead Project For Sale

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    In this area (Southeast) shovelheads seem to be a continuing victim of the continued decline in H-D prices. Early to mid-90's Evos in decent condition, many with the usual RUB add-ons, are selling in the $8,500 - $10,000 range. As a result, shovelhead prices are continuing to slide. Logically, why would someone (after hearing the typical leaking shovelhead stories) buy a shovelhead when they can throw in an extra $2000 - $3000 and have a much more dependable Evo ride.

    An exception is the slab-side shovels of '66 - '69 which still bring a reasonable price. But there are deals there also - a friend recently sold a running fairly original (repainted) '68 in need of only a battery for $8500. Other exceptions are exceptionally virgin cone shovels which will bring a decent price to the right person, i.e. a collector/rider.

    Lonnie C. from SC
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    I must say, that even though I ride one, I think the Shovels are overpriced. I mean, come on now. I see people asking ridiculous prices for some of them! Then I see a real nice one, with sensible upgrades sit unsold at a decent price. Go figure. Yes, the early ones go for a little more, for collectors value. Which stinks. I have seen people asking more for Shovels than my '65 Pan. Huh? If you have an old bike, you better hang on to it, because if the money guys (idiots) have their way, you won't be able to afford another one.

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    What model model is it? Fl,FLH,FX,Shriner?
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    My Shovel is a '72 FLH. The Pan is an FLH also. The pan is pretty much a stock blue/white stamp bike. The Shovel is modified, mostly to it's detriment. Jerry Branch did the heads, and it has Crane rollers, AB cam, T&O bottom, but some real screw ups along the way. And a joke of a close ratio tranny. In a Shovel? I paid 8 grand for it a few years ago, when everything was higher. I got refunded part of the cost because it is a tramp. But that was still too much. Live and learn. The frame and engine for my '65 are in the motorcycle lift topic section.

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    I was looking at my last post on here, and realized I might have given the wrong impression. The work those people did was fine. But when the bottom end was reassembled, somebody, had to be T&O, missed the fact that the hole in the left case for the crank bearing was way out of round. With the belt drive, it leaks like a sieve. (sp)? Oh well...............

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