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Thread: Another great day

  1. Another great day

    A buddy called me up, said he picked up an old 750 Honda ridgid chopper - says it has an old set of Indian tanks on it, do I want 'em? Not expecting much, sure, I wanna look at 'em. So he brings 'em over, and it's a CHERRY set of tanks to fit my '47 Chief bobber- not even a scratch in the nice paint job (solid blue), good mounts & threads, and clean inside, with caps. $300 and we're both happy as clams

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    Re: Another great day

    Congrats on the Indian motorcycle gas tanks score.

    Nice to have friends like that.
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    Re: Another great day

    gene, things happen in 3's supposedly. whats next.

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    Re: Another great day

    2, he throws in the rest of the bike to sweeten the deal. 3,win the lotto.
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