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Thread: The Endless Oil Debate

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    Re: The Endless Oil Debate

    Maybe I missed it, but what about using diesel engine oil? I understand that it has desirable additives, like zinc, that make it better suited for use in older machines than regular gasoline engine oil. Not as good, mind you, as a good motorcycle oil, but still worth considering. I use diesel engine oil in my air cooled 1984 Moto Guzzi and my water cooled 1980 Fiat Spider.
    I have heard rumors that the formulation of this oil may have changed because of government requirements and that the newer oil is not as good. Anybody know anything about this?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Coolbreeze View Post
    Maybe I missed it, but what about using diesel engine oil?
    The subject has been talked about somewhere in this thread. If I remember correctly, some guys are running Shell Rotella T Diesel oil. I know for certain that H-D recommends it in their later model Evos if Genuine H-D motor oil is not available. I don't know how safe it might be to run in Pans and Knuckles. I do know that the heaviest Rotella I've seen is 40w. Neither one of my Pans likes anything lighter than 60w in the summer.

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