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Thread: Carb Settings and Heat

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    Carb Settings and Heat

    The weather turned much warmer in the northeast this weekend, in fact it was downright hot (almost 90 degrees). I tried to start my '57 but it wouldn't turn over for me and I didnt have time to trouble shoot so I started my '65 instead and went to meet Buzz for a ride up to Marcus Dairy.

    My '65 is generally running great although I was getting a big hesitation when I changed gears and tried to accelerate at lower rpms, so here is my question.

    Would a weather change (50 to 90 in a week) cause an issue with my carb settings and if so, would hotter air necessitate enriching the mixture or leaning it out? Or should it really not make that much of a difference? I'm trying to figure out if that has anything to do with my '57 not starting and my '65 hesitating. Only thing thats changed since last weekend when both ran fine is the weather. Thoughts?

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    Re: Carb Settings and Heat

    Here changes from 50 to 90 and back to 50 in the same day are a regular occurrence. Doesn't bother any of my carbs.
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    Re: Carb Settings and Heat

    Did you have any change in fuel? Both filled with the same fuel? The only Harley carbs that were affected by weather were the Tillotsons used in the mid to late '70s that used a diaphragm. They were susceptible to pressure changes but not just temperature. I concur with Chris on the weather issue. Where I live 40 to 50 degree temperature swings are a daily occurrence. Never bothered a thing. I would look at fuel for a start. Modern fuels suck!
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    Re: Carb Settings and Heat

    glad I asked before messing with the settings.....which have been perfect. I would imagine I have crappy gas, or perhaps a small block in the fuel line filter. Will check those things and see if that helps.

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