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Thread: Best Vintage Motorcycle - Top Ten?

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    Best Vintage Motorcycle - Top Ten?

    There are so many very cool vintage motorcycle options out there, I am curious whatmembers of this motorcycle forum feel are the 10 best if money was no option.

    I'd like you to tell us what your ten best vintage motorcycle picks would be and why.

    For example, I'd presonally include a 1929 Harley JDH because it was the best street application for the amazing and important Harley JD line and it was fast enough to beat bikes a decade newer.

    I'd also include an Indian 101 Scout becuase of how stunningly beautifiul they are and how amazing they handle.

    Let the flame wars begin....
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    Re: Best Vintage Motorcycle - Top Ten?

    For me and I have my own personal reasons, the top 10 would be: 1)Vincent Lightning 2) Cyclone 3) Vincent Black Shadow 4)Harley 45 WLA/WLC 5)Brough Superior SS100 6)1905 Harley 6)Indian 101 Scout 7)Indian Sport Scout 8)1936 Knucklehead 10) Indian/Ace four cylinder

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    Re: Best Vintage Motorcycle - Top Ten?

    1948 WR
    1937 Knuck
    1940 knuck
    1946 knuck
    1947 knuck
    1938 Knuck
    1948 pan
    1946 WR
    1946 WL
    1949 Pan

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    Re: Best Vintage Motorcycle - Top Ten?

    1947 Indian Chief
    1941 Indian In-line 4
    1906 Indian Camelback
    1915 Indian Twin
    1948 Indian Scout Big Base 750
    1956 Ariel Square 4
    1914 Iver Johnson
    1921 Ner-A-Car
    1953 Indian Chief
    1963 HD Duo-Glide
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    Re: Best Vintage Motorcycle - Top Ten?

    I can't pick 10. I can barely get past 4 before my eyes roll back in my head and I get dizzy. But I would include a '66 Triumph 650-TT Special. Just because that was my first real bike. I would also include a '38 UL, because that's the first Harley I couldn't afford to buy, it was $150. It was a basket case and needed a piston, but..... Oh never mind, I don't want to think about it.
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    Re: Best Vintage Motorcycle - Top Ten?

    I'd have to consider bikes that had a big influence on those that came after. So my list would include:

    101 Scout
    1941 Indian 4
    1936 Harley EL
    Triumph Bonneville
    1957 Sportster
    Honda 750 Four
    BMW 750/5
    Harley KR
    Husky or Maico motocrosser
    Yamaha DT-1 enduro


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    Re: Best Vintage Motorcycle - Top Ten?

    Daring to dream.........

    1905 Harley.......Ross that's two down, there aren't too many left!!!
    1905 Camelback Indian
    1905 Model 'U' Merkel racer
    1912 Harley Single
    1913 Merkel racer with OHV Jefferson top-end
    1919 Harley eight-valve racer
    1928 Indian101
    1928 Harley JD
    1936 Crocker
    1938 Indian Chief

    Oh, and why? Well pure time travel comes to mind.......

    Tough to choose with all the money in the world...... I'm sure I could add more to the list!
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    Re: Best Vintage Motorcycle - Top Ten?

    Just ten?

    OK... but what are the parameters? Years? Country of origin?

    If we gotta stay with American Iron only, here's my ten:

    1910 Harley Davidson Silent Gray Fellow: just because of it's history. Even people who don't know anything about cycling can ID this bike.

    1911 Indian Board tracker: They are among the prettiest bikes Indian ever made.

    1914 Indian Hendee Special: first bike with an electric starter, first American bike with an electrical system, for that matter. Too bad it stunk.

    1915 Cyclone Board tracker: the most gorgeous and rarest from the prettiest breed of bikes ever made. This one just sold for $520,000!

    1922 Indian Big Chief: because it was the first Chief.

    1928-29 101 Scouts: Probably the best motorcycle Indian (Springfield version, LOL!) ever made. Gorgeous, fast, and technologically advanced. Handles like no other Indian ever made.

    1936 Harley Davidson VL: first production Harley OHV.

    1936 Crocker: Nuff said.

    1941 Indian 441: Best of Breed as well as the last of the Indian fours. Prettiest too, to my eye. I picked this four over the Ace and the Henderson, it's ancestors.

    1941 841 Indian. Transverse V-twin, shaft drive, foot shift. Way ahead of it's time. Too bad they didn't concentrate on this bike, and not those *&%#@! verticals.

    Well, shoot. I didn't even get to the end of WWII before I ran outta room.

    I'd add all sorts of others: the Blackhawk and Bonneville Chiefs, the KHK, the '57 Sporty....and that was just the tip of the iceberg.

    We get to add foreign bikes, we'd really open a can of worms... Triumph, BSA, Enfield, Vincent, Ariel, the classic BMW's, the Italians......


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    Re: Best Vintage Motorcycle - Top Ten?

    I have to mention the 1965 Harley Davidson FLH as a more modern classic. The lines and styling on that bike are just awesome, and I think it influenced a lot of the later bikes like the Heritage and the Road King Classic, etc. It was also the first year that included an electric starter, for some reason that seemed to catch on

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    Re: Best Vintage Motorcycle - Top Ten?

    The Knucklehead registers the highest sex appeal on the Richter Scale.
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