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Thread: HD 1955 FL paint option?

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    rody Guest

    HD 1955 FL paint option?

    Hi every one
    I have a 55 FL pepper red , i'll like to repaint it two tone , do some boddy know if HD offer that option on that model in 55 and in wich color . If you have picture will be great . Thank . A new commer rom up nort (Quebec,Canada)
    PS I joint some picture of my FL , i'll like some commantary from you guy .
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    Sorry Rody, '55s never came in two tone. the standard colors were all solids. The options were Holywood Green which included color matched oil tank, outer primary and rear chainguard, or two color patterns which were tanks of the first color and fenders of second solid color. No panels though or two tone, solid fenders and tank.

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    Eye scaned this out of my manual, hopefully it comes out ok?

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    There was a HD factory "Parade" two tone paint scheme that was available for a number of years as a special order only. Commonly used on Police bikes but could be had for the asking by a buyer back in the day for perhaps a small upcharge . Attached is a photo of a 54 and two photos of different 56's with this factory paint. It was generally available at least from 1954 (perhaps earlier) until the 60's and perhaps beyond. Not common, but a known available pattern.

    1954 FL

    1956 FL

    1956 FLH
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    Direct quote from the 1955 Season Order Blank:

    "OPTIONAL -- NO CHARGE: Any combination of tanks in one color and fenders in another using our standard colors, except Hollywood Green, will be supplied at no extra charge. Specify choice desired."
    NOTE: Standard colors are: Pepper Red, Atomic Blue, Anniversary Yellow, Aztec Brown, Black, Silver (Police Only), White (Police only).
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    Here are links to the 1955 Factory Order Blanks which are shown on my website.
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