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Thread: Exhaust cutout?

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    Exhaust cutout?

    Only curious - won’t buy anything, but what is this, what is the history?
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    Re: Exhaust cutout?

    Hi Chris. Exhaust cut-outs were a common aftermarket modification to hotrod car and motorcycle exhaust pipes back in the day. They allowed you to bypass the muffler and run (loud) pipes with the cut-out open. When you pulled into the city limits, you were supposed to close it off and go back to stock exhaust. Some had levers/cables that changed the cut-out position.
    If you're asking for specifics about that Kokomo item, I don't know anything.

    I don't know how well they worked... or not. Seems to me that if the engine was tuned properly, it would not run as well with reduced back pressure of open pipe(s). Maybe Robbie can explain.
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    Re: Exhaust cutout?

    Thanks, dtford! Never saw one and was curious...
    1918 "Motorcyke" HD
    1947 F w/1948 LE HD
    1951 FL HD
    1970 FLH HD

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    Re: Exhaust cutout?

    because you need back pressure...

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