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    48 pan

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    Re: 48 pan

    Thanks for posting the 'pics for posterity'. Saw that one this morning; looks pretty nice. Never seen the black horn cover, even on the low chrome package.
    Rebuilt engine and trans, rewired and repainted... so might as well call it what it is... a restoration.
    Pretty high serial number. Wonder what the reserve is.?.

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    Re: 48 pan

    What’s with the cast intake manifold? I thought 48 had the 48-49 welded intake ?
    1947 EL
    1948 FL Project
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    Re: 48 pan

    Looks like a good "Flecto Verathane" paint job from the 70's. I really like it for some reason.

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    Re: 48 pan

    No comparison. The black one is a re-pop queen.

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    Well doc, the last thing I remember I bid $34k on a 48 pan, boy it was pretty.
    Take two aspirin and stay away from ebay.

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