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Thread: Dimmer and horn switch

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    Dimmer and horn switch

    Are the internal components available for these somewhere ?

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    Re: Dimmer and horn switch

    The aftermarket parts don't fit original switches.I have lots of OEM switches that need 1 or 2 pieces

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    Re: Dimmer and horn switch

    Ok thanks , what I really need is the Bakelite ( ?) block the wires go into on the dimmer switch

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    Re: Dimmer and horn switch

    I found NOS parts on ebay.
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    Re: Dimmer and horn switch

    Grant,the aftermarket piece has a wider gap between contacts & a flatter pin.They suck.They don't move freely & poor contact.Are you missing that part or do you just need to unsolder them?This part is NOS with wires installed...IMG_0999.JPG
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    Re: Dimmer and horn switch

    Thanks for the responses , I was able to super glue the Innards back together and solder the wires into the block.

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    Re: Dimmer and horn switch

    Hope it works for you Grant.They are way better than repoop!If you still have problems contact me..I have a few NOS as in the pic.

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    Re: Dimmer and horn switch

    Appreciate the kind offer

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    Re: Dimmer and horn switch

    Granvil, The factory replacement wires for the switches have the bakelite piece already attached to them so if you see any of that stuff listed for a WLA or such it will include the new bakelite.
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    Re: Dimmer and horn switch

    The pic I posted is like Robbie said,WLA with wires attached NOS.I would change out the old wires!

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