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  1. Sportster Drain Plug

    I have a 1964 XLCH and have recently installed the correct oil tank for this model and year. However, after looking carefully through the parts book, I notice that the drain plug isn't shown or listed. Earlier and later years use the 704 plug, but this style tank uses a 1/8-27, N.P.T. pipe plug.

    I can easily find a standard replacement plug, but I need to confirm that its a steel plug and if so, I also would like to know its correct finish (Cadmium-plated, Parkerized, or painted).

    Bill Pedalino
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    Re: Sportster Drain Plug

    My -63 parts book shows 62 up CH using p/n 45830-48 drain plug. This part is the wide glide fork drain plug. This is a parked allen plug.

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    Re: Sportster Drain Plug

    I just went out and pulled my oil tank out from my original bike except for paint. It has the allen socket head plug and is cad. plated and not rusty. Just as stated in the above post.

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