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Thread: Running a little rich

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    Running a little rich

    Any advice on setting the low and high speed needles? My 47 FL seems to be loading up a little worst at idle, is there a good guideline for setting them? FYI the intake has been pressure tested so I know I have no air leaks, its a M35TP carb also. thanks for any advice.

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    Re: Running a little rich

    Possibly a little fat on the LS. Here's a tuning guide you might find helpful....

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    Re: Running a little rich

    Another method, that I like to use....Find a nice empty road and wind it out to the shift point in 2nd on a 3 speed and 3rd on a 4 speed. Just to where you feel the urge to shift. Turn the HS needle in 2 clicks at a time till it stumbles. Back the needle out about 4 clicks and pull over. Turn the LS needle in a couple clicks at a time till it stumbles and back it out about 3 clicks. Adjust idle screw where you want it. Done.

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