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Thread: Price of outdoor fun going up

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    Re: Price of outdoor fun going up

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    Be careful what you complain about. I am in the Outdoor Amusement business and I will not have one cent of income this season. No idea what next season will bring. I need this to happen again, hopefully soon.

    I'm complaining about the stress involved. The 03-07 times it ramped up. Able to be controlled and predictable. Able to put qualified people in place.
    This was in 6 weeks. Impossible to ramp up or prepare for. I think overall we will do better, but you can only get so much work done. As I said I can't just throw people at the issue.
    As I careful about what you complain, to the public on a forum, about. Do you not understand that there are possibly millions of Americans that are Dead in the water right now? Suck it up Buttercup. No pity from me.

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    Re: Price of outdoor fun going up

    I don't want pity from you or anyone else. I can't sell what I can't get. I do know there are millions out there suffering. I see it every day. I ain't blind Sugarlips.

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    Re: Price of outdoor fun going up

    Boys, boys, boys, lets put this aside and remember what today and this weekend are supposed to be about! Things much bigger than any one of us. You can resume again on Tuesday!


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    Re: Price of outdoor fun going up

    I work at a motorycle dealership, we are completely sold out of small dirt bikes. Anything 125cc and smaller are gone and we wont have any for 2 to 3 months. Same thing goes for small ATVs and side by sides are starting to sell out now too. With everyone's kids home from school everyone wants kids dirt bikes, the preowned market on Craigslist is nuts too for small dirt bikes.
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