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Thread: Talking dog

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    Talking dog

    Mr. Dinky was walking through a neighborhood and noticed a sign that said; ‘TALKING DOG FOR SALE, $10.00’.

    Needless to say, his curiosity compelled him to knock on the door. When a man answered Mr. Dinky asked him, “Your sign says you have a talking dog for sale?’

    “Yup. . . Com’ere Tom, say something for the man.”

    “Well”, says the dog, “My name is Tom, and I’ve spent the majority of my life in law enforcement, and military intelligence. My first job was to infiltrate a major drug cartel. Being a dog they never suspected I was documenting, and reporting everything they said. It was the biggest drug bust in history at that time. My next job was for the CIA and I was assigned to spy on the activities of the top officials of the Soviet Union. I was able to give our country the intelligence to leverage superiority, and help bring down the USSR. Next. . . . “

    “Okay, that’s enough, Tom.” Said the owner

    “Holy Cow” said Mr. Dinky, “I am impressed with Tom, but I have to ask you, why would you sell him, and for only $10.00?”

    “Sheesh”, said the dog owner, “Tom’s a liar, he made all that stuff up.”

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    Re: Talking dog

    Now that's top shelf right there! Good laugh! Thanks
    1979 FLH (nice, but over budget)
    Many others, bought, sold, or traded...

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