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Thread: Plugs don't need no stinking plugs

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    Re: Plugs don't need no stinking plugs

    I hope I didn't offend anyone, but it's because my brother has been converting cars to electric for a while and they are impressive. Now the market changed to converting cars from the 60s and 70s to electric. I guess everyone has an Small Block or LS motor nowadays, so electricity is novel at the cruise nights and gives people something to talk about. He did say it would be cheaper to buy an electric bike than to convert one, even with his prices.
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    Re: Plugs don't need no stinking plugs

    I have nothing against electric vehicles but I will not be mandated into doing it especially not now.. Like I say they are appropriate in urban areas right now as some infrastructure is being developed to support them but not as wide spread use vehicles at this time. That may and probably will change but is decades out at this point I believe. One of the biggest issues I see facing electric vehicles is the batteries and charging rates. Charging still takes to long especially when compared to filling up with gas at the station. The other is battery life and replacement. Tesla even say battery life is 5 -7 years max and cost is 5-7K to replace. Then you have the issue of disposal. Even Nigeria doesn't want to take them any more. Batteries have toxic materials in them and until suitable methods of dealing with that is put forward you are substituting one bad thing for another. There are "experts" that will tell you anything to get you to go electric and of course API has a vested interested in seeing petroleum stay around. It's all about the money to both sides but to make an abrupt change would be extremely harmful to our world economy and at the worst possible time so a gradual transition would be in order. There will still be a need far into the future for petro based fuels and lubs but they will start waning and the supply will also as things transition. JMHO


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    Re: Plugs don't need no stinking plugs

    Last year I was hunting in central Texas and kept seeing gas stations with electric charging stations in them. It seems Elon Musk has a facility in the area to build his rocket engines, so he got all the gas stations in the area to let him put in charging stations. We never saw a vehicle at one. When I asked a local he said "Oh yeah, those things. Hell, no one around here is driving one of them". It was a bit humorous to see them. This was ranching and oil country, everyone drove trucks or SUVs.
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    Re: Plugs don't need no stinking plugs

    Here are some more issues with electric vehicles. What do you do when the power goes down due to natural disaster or other issues and you can't charge you vehicle. Power grid already has issues in some areas and if everything is electric where is the power going to come from and what is used to create it. They want to eliminate fossil fuels and go solar and wind which are intermittent sources and little to no storage capability so far. No wind no sun no power. Do you have nuclear,coal, natural gas etc. back ups? to me this has not be thought out well and certainly hasn't been well explained to the consuming public. I want clean water and air but I also want instant and constant electricity. Lot of work to be done before I fell they are ready to abandon carbon sources. Geothermal is something is hardly mentioned but far more sustainable in my opinion and proven technology. Look at Iceland and other far northern countries who make much more use of it. If the source (the earths core) gives out we're all goners at that point anyway.


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