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Thread: 1945 model U

  1. 1945 model U

    good morning everyone, I have a question for the experts, I have an excellent U engine, original belly number as in the pic, but unfortunately sameone have removed the serial numbers on the side.
    I would like to reprint the numbers, 45U ..... and then? someone has another engine to understand what the difference was with the belly numbers

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    Re: 1945 model U

    I would be worried the engine is stolen.

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    Re: 1945 model U

    You might try a very mild (diluted) hydrochloric acid rinse, which may reveal numbers removed by grinding because the metal under the surface is disturbed. Apply with a cotton swab. Only leave this on for a few seconds, then rinse with water and baking soda 10 times times. Use a toothbrush.
    If faint numbers appear, quickly write them down (don't repeat the process). If you can, take a picture from several angles.
    Now you can try your DMV, police, etc. I suggest telling them you may want to buy this bike (not just an engine) and wish to know if the number is hot or registered.
    I've heard (from a Nassau County cop) that the legal owner may "enhance" an existing number, but I've never seen it actually tried.

  4. Re: 1945 model U

    I am absolutely sure of this, the engine has been in my family since 1947, bought by my grandfather from the ARAR fields

  5. Re: 1945 model U

    thanks for the response Panic, but the engine has been re-punched with numbers for the post-war Italian re-registration.
    so I doubt that the system that you have kindly described can work, now I would like to put the original numbering, at the limit I write the same numbers as the belly numbers....

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    Re: 1945 model U

    The belly number is not coded in any way to the engine number, by trying to guess you could possibly come up with a number that is stamped on a legitimate engine, another problem in the making.
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  7. Re: 1945 model U

    yes, I understand the problem, I will leave only the writing 45U, and I will not write anything else.....

  8. Re: 1945 model U

    or find to buy a left side crankcase of a 45U ....
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    Re: 1945 model U

    It will save quite a bit of delicate work if you try to find a matched left and right set.

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    Re: 1945 model U

    ragno, that belly number looks like 45-1324 which is from an engine discussed on this forum last year. Apparently the left case had a 37 serial number which was obviously not stamped at the factory. What happened to the 37 serial number? Has it since been removed?

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