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Thread: 344 chief production numbers

  1. 344 chief production numbers

    G,day while at home I am trying to keep busy , I hoping somebody here can give info on the production numbers of the 344 chief . I have the Iron Red skin and An American in Paris books but neither of them give a number . Iron Red Skin goes upto 1942 . the other book briefly talks about the 344 . As far as I know we had 1000 of the 344s come into Australia for Government use . There is still quite a few getting around . At early rallies these were pretty much the only 344 chief you would see here , but with the ebay over the years , everyone seem to park these up and brought late model chiefs . Anyway if you know please past it on Rob

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    maybe one chance to find a rought production number would be to collect frame and engine numbers that are still around as Martin Bogaert did it with the 340/CAV Chiefs.

    I am going to start with mine which is CDD1998 with matching frame 344 1998. so if the numbers were carried up from 344 101 this would be the 1898th made. It came to Austria from Sri Lanka in the 1980ies. Guess it was delivered there for the British military during WW2.

    Best wishes from Europe,

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    springfield1901 cheers , I will start asking around on numbers and see if anyone here is willing . mine is 1354 matching numbers with a sidecar .its one of the Australian delivered bikes .I wish the number was 1344 ? Rob

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    HI Rob & other 344 owners,

    I would be looking for a couple of parts for the 344 like the correct taillight, parts for the aircleaner and a sidecar fender (left-hand sidecar). If you happen to have parts, please let me know.

    Best wishes from Europe,

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    G,day Florian , I will keep an eye out ,but no more swap meets here for some time . you could look on ebay Australia

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    Re: 344 chief production numbers

    Giday Rob
    I have owned CDD1735 CDD1369 CDD1394 None of which any had frame numbers
    regards Phil

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    thanks for your replies fellas . I have spoken to a fella here in Oz that started collecting numbers on the 344s , so far he has 80 numbers some are mix engine n frame numbers or just cases . With what he has worked out is the highest number so far CDD 2620 . Jerry Hatfield book on Indian Chief states there were around 4000 of the 344s were built ? I was given info on the army bikes here with archives found there to be around 710 in this book that were sold after there use . The lowest number I found was CDD 1001 and the highest to be CDD 2620 . There is info on who these were sold too , but very read . CDD 1001 sale states it was sold to USA + invoice numbers ?? So with the 80 numbers know I will give this fella another 9 to add to this list . I have contacted other people in different states to see what info they have . So at the moment we know of 1620 that were here in Oz . We do have motors that were stamped by the police in each state here , so that will be on top of the CDD 2620 . I have a motor like this in a 20s scout frame n my brother has one in 44 roller as going bike . Will add to this once I hear more , Rob.

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    Re: 344 chief production numbers

    I had frame #344 159. Sold it in a basket along with engine #CDE116 to Mike Tomas Of Kiwi Indian. Doc

  9. Re: 344 chief production numbers

    G,day Phil , I found 2 of the motors in the military books when the were complete CDD 1369 was brought by Finlays and CDD 1394 was brought by Turner Bro in the day no luck with CDD1735 . Doc37W 344 159 is the of the earliest numbers CDE 116 also early 1945 cool , cheers Rob

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