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Thread: project chopper

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    Quote Originally Posted by hci View Post
    Well, I guess if you are looking for cheap chopper material, you should have chopped the GS650.😏
    ohhh thatd hurt, first bike ive had. and theyre starting to raise price! i know im not getting a chopper for $700, i just cant stand paying 15-20 grand, i didnt live through the chopper days ofcourse, but damn 20 grand!

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    Re: project chopper

    Well....... most of us "older" guys that DID live through the chopper days do not still ride choppers. Very few of us that ride any distance would enjoy going around the block on one. Shitty handling, brakes that don't work well, water spraying all over, loud pipes and so on. Not fun or safe. Now a stripped down FLH is fun. A full on classic is fun. A shovel for 3 or 4 grand is a good buy if it is all there. In the late 60's and early 70's many of us built our bikes from swap meet parts because that was all we could afford. I'm sorry to say that would be near impossible to do today, S.M. parts are all junk and over priced. you would easily spend 3 times what the bikes value is when finished. Save your money and buy the first COMPLETE shovelhead that comes along..........................Oh Yeah, hang tight just for a second, you are about to see prices of everything on the planet dive right in the shitter. Stand by.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rubone View Post
    First H-D, a 45 at 15, bought with summer job money, all repairs done by me, I'm 16 in the pic.

    First real chopper, my '39 Knuckle at 17, all built by me in my mom's garage my senior year of high school.

    Another Knuckle at 19, several pans in between along with a Shovel/Pan chopper

    First restoration attempt (before chrome was a bad word!) at 21, built from parts, all by me. I was already sick of choppers by then...

    So it is a matter of priorities. It is relatively easy to do if you are in the right mindset. If you are about showing off to your friends, partying all the time, wanting to be one of the hipster kool kids, it won't work.....
    Working tough hours and scraping for dollars, lots of hustle, buying and selling parts, bikes, and anything else for a buck, it can happen.
    DOUBLE UNDERLINE, BOLD FONT WHAT ROBBIE SAYS. Working overtime, working 2 jobs, every spare cent after my family's needs were well met went for motorcycles. lots of time spent with old timers who are long gone, being willing to listen asking questions, we are the old timers now. lots of buying, selling, trading, building relationships and friendships. and reading, studying, internalizing and putting into practice what i was learning and teaching myself and willing to learn from mistake and always have a curious mind. in my experience, if you want it, you give every bit of yourself. it's either an innate passion or a wet dream.

    Robbie, beautiful bikes and a damn good lookin' kid! Your grin says it all !
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    Low money, low knowledge, start with an Evo Sportster. An amazing amount of aftermarket parts available for all of your chopper dreams. Good, running bikes with titles all over the place for under $3k. Figure your own time and sweat, another $3k and a good winter and you could be riding YOUR chopper. Then this becomes a stepping stone, after it is done you are no longer a novice and you know something about Harleys. You also have a bike with some more value to flip into a shovel for example.

    Evo Sportsters are pretty bullet proof, it is why they are so popular right now with the younger guys for chopping. Start on your path there, and see where it takes you. Plenty of time for older more expensive bikes, good luck.
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    Re: project chopper

    Here's a start - pseudo chopper already. I'd get rid of that oil tank heating exhaust right away.

    That website is full of hipster choppers and parts, you should look around it.
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    Re: project chopper

    I agree with the guys that Evo sportsters re a cheap way to get into the chopper thing, also if you are patient you can find cheap shovelheads from time to time, especially on the mainland and probably due to the COVID19 thing there will be deals out there. I picked up a chopped evo sporty last year for under $2k, it needs work but so does everything else I buy, lol, that's why it is so cheap. I barely know what I am doing but with the help of the members on this forum, along with 2 others I frequent I have been able to get some of my bikes to run. Keep an eye out on Craigslist and follow @chopperswapper on instagram.
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    gonna look at shovelheads, evos, and older sporters maybe one to swap with an older (hopefully pan) engine, or some freaky mixture if i really go into custom building, dont know bout a chopper yet the dream is having one with 70s history to it

    and ofcourse looking later, gotta do the small fix and flips first. but if i go into that route i might get a project if i find a good one not a complete overhaul unless i REALLY want it, like a pan frame with a bad compression engine. 90s evo bobbers do look very nice in my opinion but a shovel is older!

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