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    Indian Jeff was, is my Uncle for life! I know some of you have heard of him or maybe knew him at one time. He passed in Jan 2010 at the age of 54. I miss him every day. I was fortunate to go to Montana many summers, and spend a couple weeks with him. I was last there in May of 2009, 7 months before he left us. Fortunately several years before that Jeff was able to get back into the wind again with his custom sidecar, wheel chair accessible. He took me for a ride on the "shark", his famous side car with a motoguzzi motorcycle attached. The side car allowed him to drive his wheelchair right into it. He could control everything from within the sidecar. Me on the motorcycle, was just along for the ride. I was able to help steer if need be. But Jeff's words to me were, "just enjoy the ride, I got it". That ride in 2009 was my first and last ride with Jeff, on that incredible machine. Every year before, we had planned to take it for a ride, but just didn't happen. He was close with Peter Fonda for a long time. They rode to Sturgis together and hung out at Peter's ranch. In 1998 Peter Fonda came to Seattle Wa to be part of a benefit we threw for Jeff a year after his accident, to raise money. It was a great success, and with Peter there, drew a lot of people to come out. I will share photos shortly. Here is some info on him,

    Jeff displayed immense courage & kept his great sense of humor even after the 1997 accident that left him paralyzed. He was the star of the PBS special "Biking the Black Hills". An expert in restoring antique motorcycles, his motto was "one should ride them and not keep them locked up in jail." In 2001 he was inducted into the Sturgis Motorcycle Hall of Fame. The inscription on the award reads "There are many people today who rebuild the old treasures but few live the history of motorcycling as Indian Jeff." "In 1997 I rode my "new" 1928 Harley-Davidson JD from Washington to Sturgis, over 4,000 miles roundtrip. No problems. A real comfortable ride." This says it all about this master motorcycle restorer. Jeff rode his first motorcycle in 1963, a Honda 50. Since then he has owned and restored over 300 antique motorcycles for himself and others including Flying Merkels, Indians, Hendersons, Indians and Harley-Davidsons. Jeff didn't just restore motorcycles; he rebuilt the dreams of the early pioneers. Jeff allowed all of us the opportunity to become immersed in history and remember those master builders and their fantastic machines.

    some videos of Jeff on youtube.
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    I seen these before and really enjoyed watching them ,theres another video of him riding an unrestored Indian powerplus with a flat back tyre , cool fella

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