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Thread: 66 FLH still wont stop

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    66 FLH still wont stop

    Last spring we had this conversation about the rear brakes on my 66 FLH, I have replaced master cylinder, both metal and rubber brake lines, rear wheel cylinder, only thing I have note replace is the shoes and linings, because they looked good with plenty left on them. What do I need to do to get this thing to stop, I just rode it and all I get is a real hard pedal when depressing the rear brake pedal, thanks in advance for all your advise, Larry

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    Re: 66 FLH still wont stop

    Just keep on going! Just kidding! I have similar issue with my 61 but ride it so little I have deferred doing anything but will need to get into it at some point so interested in what you find.


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    Re: 66 FLH still wont stop

    Is the master cylinder you replaced the same internal bore as the OEM one. They come in various bores, but look identical from the outside.

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    Re: 66 FLH still wont stop

    Is the master cylinder rebuilt? The rebuild kits come with a part included for disc brakes only. If you have drums you simply leave it out. If you don't, you end up with the symptoms you describe.

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    Re: 66 FLH still wont stop

    If everything else checks out, then replace the linings. They can age harden. My bike had exactly the same symptom. Luckily we have a guy who does brake bonding with linings proven to work well. Good luck, hope you find someone in your region.

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