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    All berks county events canceled through April 30.

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    Gas is $1.75 today in my area.
    There is speculation it may reach $1. Gas was $1 per gallon most of the 80's, I'm getting my camera ready.

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    Rich folks are fleeing the metro areas and others are not to happy about it.

    People with second homes in the Catskills region of New York are being warned to stay away in venom-laced Facebook posts and blunt messages from county officials.
    “They’re pumping gas. They’re stopping at grocery stores,” said Kim Langdon, 48, of Ashland, New York. “If they’re infected and they don’t know it, they’re putting everyone at risk.”
    The expletive-filled commentary on a Catskills Facebook page was less subtle.
    “The only cases in Greene County were brought here from downstate people so stay down there,” one man wrote. “Just because you have a second home up here doesn’t mean you have the right to put us at risk.”

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    Not just there its everywhere. Kentucky is the vacation spot for Ohio and Indiana and there is a steady stream of boats and side by sides on I75 headed to lakes and mountains. We call them the Ohio/Indiana Navy along with the acronym FIFO's and FIFI's (use your imagination). Their actions are very selfish in my opinion but who am I. Back to motorcycles, I am self quarantining in the shop like all good gear heads should.
    Bob Williams

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    I am working in the shop, but still riding a lot, I actually rode thru 4 states the other day, ohio, wva va and ten, ky makes 5, all very close however, I am still working, they got us driving our school buses delivering meals to families

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    According to the AMCA site the decision on Oley will be made April 5. Really think the state made the decision already with the shutdown of all non-essential business and gatherings but we will get definitive word 4/5/20. Denton is already postponed to TBD date.


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    I just got an email about it. Stick a fork in it, see you in 2021. Your vendor spots will stay paid up for then.

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    Yep and Denton is postponed, date TBD, at the rate we are going I question whether Wauseon will happen either. Some are predicting the whole schedule of AMCA swap meets and road runs are history for this year. Guess we'll see as it gets closer to time for the rest of them.


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    Well,like allot of you,20 + years vending.I'll miss my official end to winter and seeing the usual suspects.
    God willing,see you next year.

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