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Thread: Dear Abby

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    Dear Abby

    Dear Abby,

    i'm really worried;i've been afraid my wife has been fooling around on me, so i hid behind the shop the other night when i saw her buttoning her blouse after getting out of some guy's truck. i squatted down behind my bike as she pulled her panties out of her purse and put them on. As i hid behind my bike i noticed a small crack on the swing arm of my bike. Do you think i can weld it or do i need to replace it??

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    Re: Dear Abby


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    Re: Dear Abby

    Well, It looks like you need to replace both of them.LOL

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    Thanks for the great laugh Eric, much needed at the present!

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    Re: Dear Abby

    you should of said something eric I have a welder in the bed of my truck.

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    Re: Dear Abby

    Good comeback, t-bone

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    Re: Dear Abby

    Hey Eric,while crouched down behind my bike I noticed two lumps on my battery,,,I sent it out to be tested and it came back positive..I sure hope it's not terminal...

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