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Thread: 1918-1920 distributor cap

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    1918-1920 distributor cap

    I am looking for a photo of a 1918-1920 distributor cap. These years were manufactured by Remy, before Harley made their own distributors for the 1921 models.
    I think these caps had the leads coming out the top, but i am not certain of that. The pt no is JR75, and look like the leads come out the top, with a 1584-18 rotor.

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    Re: 1918-1920 distributor cap

    They did in fact have the leads coming out of the top. There was a reproduction available a few years ago. I believe that they were made in Europe. Do you need a cap and a rotor? Sorry but I don’t have a picture handy.
    Mark Masa

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    Re: 1918-1920 distributor cap

    Thanks Mark for the confirmation.

    I don't need the parts. I am trying to document the electric ignition systems for the J series Harley, and this cap is one that i don't have a photo to show people what it was. The rotor for this cap is readily available, but i am not aware of anybody reproducing the cap today.
    As far as I am aware, the 1921-1926 cap will retrofit to 1918-1920, as long as you use the later rotor.
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    Re: 1918-1920 distributor cap

    I believe that it will but you would also probably have to swap out the circuit breaker cam shaft as well because the rotor mounting is completely different.

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    Re: 1918-1920 distributor cap

    Mark, what is the difference in the rotor mounts. I have seen tall and short mounts, but they look to be the same shape. I have also seen some with a slot in them, instead of the flat on the side.

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    Re: 1918-1920 distributor cap

    Dear All, FYI,
    I was eventually able to get some photos of the Remy 1918-1920 distributor cap and rotor.
    Thanks to Cole Deister.

    1918-1920 cap.jpg
    1918-1920 rotor 2.jpg
    1918-1920 rotor 3.jpg

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