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Thread: 1940 BT horn mount hadware

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    1940 BT horn mount hadware

    Corso kits have cad screws & nuts
    Palmer says #031 screws[horn to mounts] cad,everything else parkerized
    Corso #4862-31 curved spring plates have .265 holes,OEM .220..
    Corso plates look stupid,holes way too big
    Corso holes 2.580 outside of hole to outside of hole,OEM 2.600.
    .Corso does not slide over screws,too tight,OEM fit nice
    Palmer says lock washers on upper & lower mount screws,
    OEM 1940 parts book does not show lock washers,only nuts
    OEM 1948 parts shows locks
    Anybody know if they originally had lock washers on 1936-40?
    Also 1940 book shows 066 as 5/16-24 X 7/8" later books show 066 as 5/16-24 x 1" to mount upper bracket to fork.

    IMG_6213.JPGIMG_6214.JPGHD Horn 1940.jpgHD Horn 1948.jpg
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    If you don't like the repos available do what we do make your own

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    Re: 1940 BT horn mount hadware

    I'm doing that Carl,I did not buy these they are in a customers pile of parts.

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    Re: 1940 BT horn mount hadware

    The # 31 screws in the Corso kit are 10-32 & 5/8"
    The parts book shows 10-24 X 1/2"

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