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Thread: Psyop seems to be working

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    Re: Psyop seems to be working

    When the have nots come looking for TP . People will shoot them. many people fear the collapse of society. When there is no food supply and more fear sets in. When people run out of booze and need more. They'll knock on somebody's door looking for it. All this media driven fear will push people over the edge. Pennsylvania closed it's liquor stores. WTF. you can't even sit home and drink for 14 days. I have a video of people waiting in an hour long line to get into a state store. Give it 2-3 weeks you'll see the break down of order. I hope i'm wrong.
    This is complete paranoia.
    If you run out of tp you can use paper towels. If you run out of paper towels you can use wash clothes then toss in washer.
    My grocery has instituted a strict limit of five packs of tp ! Five packs will last me years.
    If there is shooting over alcohol there is no civilized society. Someone can build a still in the hills of Pennsylvania.
    Pretty strange I tell ya. In my grocery everyone is very polite, more polite then before this started.

    Years ago one of my friends worked with a guy who lined his living room with sand bags cause he was afraid the government was going to storm his house and kill him and his wife.
    There is no history of government storming houses in my area.
    The guys and worked talked to him, his wife talked to him, he persisted in paranoia and his wife left cause she could not live like that.
    Not sure he ever came to his senses, I will have to ask.

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    Re: Psyop seems to be working

    Quote Originally Posted by 1950panhead View Post
    This is complete paranoia.
    If you run out of tp you can use paper towels...

    You sure about that?

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    Re: Psyop seems to be working

    I'm not worried about TP. I'll take more showers. Lots of people are ill prepared for a two week run of nothing. Remember Rodney king. Food was available then. It may not be soon.
    I will say " if you buying a gun know in fear. Your more of a danger to your self. then others" I would bet that those gun store lines were first time buyers. again i hope i'm wrong.

    Ps. The grocery store is sold out of beans. People will need all that TP.
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    Re: Psyop seems to be working

    More realistic quote: "The lamps are going out all over Europe, we shall not see them lit again in our life-time", British Foreign Secretary Sir Edward Grey remarked to a friend on the eve of the United Kingdom's entry into the First World War.

    This is the first page of something very different and very bad.

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    Re: Psyop seems to be working

    Only kidding but....Panic,you should Panic attack!

  6. Re: Psyop seems to be working

    Reports this morning from the Financial channel of a French lab scientist trying a new cure for the virus. Two compounds have been tested. One is a generic arthritic drug, the other drug being tested is also a generic form of an anti-malaria compound.
    Reported on Stewert Varney, Fox Financial this morning. A 100% cure rate is claimed for patients who have contracted the virus, in its early stages. 5 to 7 days to fully recover.
    Remarkable. Let us hope the reports are valid, and we have turned the corner on this disease. We still have a very long way to full recovery.

    I'm not a democrat, but Hope and Change can be a good thing. Lets hope the government can put its best foot forward and do its duty to truly protect and defend the American people. And the rest of the world, for that matter.

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    Re: Psyop seems to be working

    When you read/hear some official talking about "how long will it take to return to normal", turn it off, he's an idiot.
    All of those businesses not making money, people not working, savings spent instead of salaries are the dollar value of those work products removed from the world economy forever. No one can get that back, it's smoke and mirrors.
    If you made $60,000 and out of work for a month, that's $5,000 lost to you and to everyone else (the businesses you would patronize, employees you would hire, taxes you would pay).
    Hundreds of billions are already gone, thousands of businesses are ruined, real estate prices permanently depressed.
    After 1929, some stocks only "recovered" after WW2, that's 16 years.
    No "stimulus" can help this, all they're doing is printing money and giving it away to those whose preparation for any emergency (getting fired, wrecked car, mortgage default, broken leg) is.... "what?" Huge numbers of households did not have $400 available when this broke, and now they have nothing. The free money they will get is deducted from the value of your own retirement, pension, savings. The people who provided for their own future (I did) will see their life's savings looted.
    I have not seen a single person (except Dr. Fauci) commenting on the health issue (as opposed to the economy) who did not have his head up his arse (obviously lying)- and they won't listen to him.

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    Re: Psyop seems to be working

    I feel better already, Panic. Thanks for the upbeat post.

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    Re: Psyop seems to be working

    Just read that Mitch and the Senate are proposing a one trillion aid package that includes bailout money for certain corporations like the airlines and oil frackers. For a certain income threshold it includes 1000 bucks for individuals and 2500 for couples. No idea what that threshold is. For someone out of work they'll burn through a grand purdy quick so if this quarantine lasts several months what next. Another trillion? Sorry Eric, I was trying to be upbeat and find that silver lining but it's been tuff....

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    Re: Psyop seems to be working

    Anyone have a better idea? ----- We're all ears.

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