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Thread: K Model Carb question

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    K Model Carb question

    My K model is finally on the water and Iíve been thinking about what carb I run.

    Iím not looking for originality so Iím after the best performance option.

    I have an M53, MR4A and a DC 12 Linkert.

    Which would be the best performance option for a road going bike?

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    Re: K Model Carb question

    Dave, I would run the Linkert, as it's designed for the K-Model and the road. MR4A is a racing carb, designed for wide-open operation. Doc

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    Re: K Model Carb question

    I'd use the M53 and perhaps lose the bullseye, H-D dropped them on the KH and it never made a bit of difference.They were used for more low end hit, like powering out of a corner, but lost a bit of flow on top. The needles and basic configuration are the same as the MR. The MR4A has no provision for a choke which you will wish you had. The DC is OK but needs to be adapted, so unless you butcher a K manifold it means more places to fail. I have used DCs on both Knuckles and Big Flatheads with good results however, and there are some tuning tricks for them.
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    Re: K Model Carb question

    Thanks guys, ,uch appreciated

    Looks like I'll keep the MR and DC on the shelf and stick with the M53
    1938 WLDR
    1940 WL (Race Bike)
    1944 WL
    1993 FLHT

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