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Thread: Is ct a title state

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    Is ct a title state

    Is ct a title state or a transfer reg state, i just bought a 61 xlh and the po said he would mail me the title, it has the reg with it

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    Re: Is ct a title state

    Titles for twenty years then registrations.

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    Re: Is ct a title state

    Haha...I mis-read that as ‘is CT a LITTLE state’. :-). (Not the smallest, but compared to.....)
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    Re: Is ct a title state

    Larry, if he owned the bike a long time he may have CT title for it. The state only recently (10 years) stopped issuing titles for vehicles older than ~20 years. I moved a couple of vintage vehicles along with a notarized bill of sale, with no issues as well.

    Ct changes the details often, and usually the way of finding out is at DMV after standing in line for a coupe hours.
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