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Thread: new member Hi!

  1. new member Hi!

    Hey Guys, Im Josh, I own a small Garage Company called Standard Cycles that has been Around since 2008-2009
    I myself have been into Harleys since I was very young.
    Built My first cover Chopper in 2003
    Stumbled across this forum while trying to track down some info on a couple early frames i just
    stumbled on.
    (1917 Harley loop Frame)
    (1930 Excelsior Super X Frame)
    (1934-35 Harley VLD frame)
    (1928 Harley Single front end)

    Looked like some Great reading and Info on here,So i went ahead and Joined.

    i mainly play with Panheads and Early Shovelheads However I from time to time
    come across Knuckleheads.

    Currently have a 1941 Knuckle motor im hording until the Time is right .

    for having me
    Most of the time i will just Lurk!
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    Re: new member Hi!

    New guy is not allowed to lurk until pictures are posted.. We need pictures!! We like pictures.!!! What's your location?

    Welcome to the zoo. Lots of great guys here with lots of knowledge.
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    Re: new member Hi!

    Welcome, Josh. Sounds like you're good at digging up old, knarly things The hunting, and bagging of old bike parts is probably the most fun part of this hobby, (wish it happened more often.

  4. Re: new member Hi!

    Welcome, Josh. It's great to have you on the forum.

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