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Thread: Finish of Side Car Parts & Such

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    Finish of Side Car Parts & Such

    1. The booklet I have on assembly of the sidecar to the bikes states that the lower left and right front connector are to be 10.75 inches below the bottom edge of the upper bracket. I am unsure exaclty what the measurement point for the bracket is tho. Is it to the centerline of tie rod hole?

    2. I understand that the various nuts, bolts and washers are parkerized. What about the mounting bracekts, lower left and right connector, the rear mounting bracket, and the tie rod? Parkerized and painted black of just parkerized?

    ...and if it matters this sidecar is going on my 65 FLH
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    Re: Finish of Side Car Parts & Such

    3. Haven't removed the paint yet on the windshield side members. They have been painted black at some point in their life. How are these parts supposed to be finished, Cad plated, parkerized for nuts bolts and weashers? What about the rods themselves/ What finish to them?

    4. Finish for the footrest?

    5 I have two set of shackle plates. One set is obvioulsy longer than the other. Correct finsih and which set do I use?

    6. I am missing one bolt (#16804-30) for the lower clamp (#87117-36) Anyone have a spare they would be willling to part with or have a source for me to find one?

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    Re: Finish of Side Car Parts & Such

    Panz4ever, 1. Yes, Because the width of the front tie bar and inside nut will allow you only so much leeway. 2. I have found that if they are Parkerized, leave them. Otherwise, You can paint them for looks. You do realize the lower REAR mount goes thru the SWINGARM axle plate? It makes the sidecar frame part of the swingarm and moves up and down with the swingarm. You will have to grease the front ball and will have to tighten the 87265-24 ball stud nut & 87267-24 large locknut to allow it to move up and down with NO side to side movement. Only after H-D added the rear passenger peg mount on the right rear lower frame casting in '77-'78 (and the adding the adjustable clamp & arm), did the frame became solid mount to the bike frame (& H-D cut the rear sidecar mounting casting lug down). 3. I believe they are black. 4. Up to you. I Parkerize them. Paint and boots/shoe don't mix. 5. Black paint, Use the shorter one first. After the car is attached and the frame is adjusted according to the specs, the car body should be parallel to the ground. If not, you may need to use the longer shackles to help level it. The later fiberglass bodies are more noticeable to this than the earlier steel bodies. I see an awful lot of the fiberglass ones with the nose stuck up in the air! Doc
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    Re: Finish of Side Car Parts & Such

    Thanks for the info Doc. Re: REAR mount. Yes. Fitted it there just to see how it all went together. Good idea on the footrest. Parkerizing it is.

    You will have to grease the front ball and will have to tighten the 87265-24 ball stud nut & 87267-24 large locknut to allow it to move up and down with NO side to side movement. Keeping this in my notes. When I get to attaching everything I will revisit this. Think I ubnderstand what you are saying but I will definitely be posting again.

    The tub went to my welder yesterday. The bottom is in need of some major work (rot). Most of the drilled holes have been oversized and hogged out.

    Haven't yet been able to find a correct seat or the stainless trim.

    Next few days are going to be spent on piecing the brake and fender components together to the frame in order to make sure I have the necessary hardware.

    Been using vinegar to get the majority of rust off the nuts and bolts. Takes a couple of days, but it works well. Then I'll be taking parts to my parkerizing guy.

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    Re: Finish of Side Car Parts & Such

    Spent yesterday afternoon doing a disassembly of the sidecar fender from the brace. (The fender need some welding, brazing, dents pounded out and a bit of straightening.) When I got the rivets out, these peices came out of the front and rear parts of the fender-to-brace connection. There was also one piece behind the fender bolt-to-step connection.

    It looks almost like 16 ga pipe hanger strap. It was between the fender and brace and rivets on each side and went through it. There were two pieces for each front and rear but only a single piece behind the fender bolt to step piece.


    And here...

    Can someone tell what the purpose is please of these straps?
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