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Thread: ingnition switch key

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    ingnition switch key

    I couldnt find it in the search...

    ! have two OEM switches without keys. I know there is somebody who can make new keys only from the "B" Number on the lock. Is it right and who is it?



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    Re: ingnition switch key

    THREAD .... Ignition Switches explained 1948 pan

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    Any locksmith can make a key from the number on your tumbler. Tarry Marsh (forum member) has some original cut keys if that is important to you. Perry Ruiter (forum member) also has all the tools to cut original keys and some blanks.

    If cutting a new key is it best to cut a cheap blank first to ensure the tumblers in your lock were not changed some time in the past.

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    Re: ingnition switch key

    If you are and AMCA member you can look in the Trash and Treasure section of the magazine and a guy there advertises not only can he cut keys but has NOS Briggs key blanks too.


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    this is good info because I can not find my key either for my bike ???and its in the locked poistion

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    Re: ingnition switch key

    Quote Originally Posted by hairynob24 View Post
    this is good info because I can not find my key either for my bike ???and its in the locked poistion
    A lawn mower tractor key with a Briggs and Stratton ignition may work.

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    Re: ingnition switch key

    If your switch does not have a number next to the key hole all you need is a blank Briggs & Stratton key to unlock it. Panhead keys were for the neck lock.
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    cheers fellas

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