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Thread: Oh dear, say it isn't so

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    Oh dear, say it isn't so

    Harley-Davidson's shares tumble on steeper fall in revenues
    Faced with weak demand, the company shipped 213,939 bikes to its dealers in 2019 - the lowest in nine years.
    Harley is trying to make deeper inroads into some of the fastest growing two-wheeler markets in Asia through lightweight motorcycles. The push is part of a strategy to get half of the company's revenue from overseas by 2027.
    To woo customers, it has made a foray in the electric bike segment and is set to launch two models in the competitive middleweight segment by the end of this year
    You must save the company !
    Rush to your dealer and order two live wires and a 47 knuckle.

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    Re: Oh dear, say it isn't so

    Ha-Ha...**** the MOCO....
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    imho, the mega-hog barn parked next to hooters with an entertainment arena alongside concept attracting weekend wannabe biker's dressed in shiny new black leathers with skulls and dew caps worked as long as it did appealing to the pleasures and whims of a narrow market is such that now H-D is reacting a decade too late and a millions of dollars too short.

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    Re: Oh dear, say it isn't so

    As a shop owner,I'm seeing it as well.Last year not one farmer came in for oil change or any service.This is a big part of my buisiness.HD & dealers did not do well in 2018 either.Triglides have sold well.

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    Re: Oh dear, say it isn't so

    the fastest growing two-wheeler markets in Asia through lightweight motorcycles

    The plan is to compete with China, in China?
    Good luck with that.

    Funny thing about big business: after a few decades of obscene personal wealth you begin to believe you're really smart.

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    Re: Oh dear, say it isn't so

    Did y'all really think the MOCO was just going to keep selling Panheads from wooden floor Dealerships? Like Ford is still selling and catering to the Model A folks? They just could not hang with the trends. They rode the cult followint from Easy Rider and there have been many upgrades to that cult, none of which attract Panhead lovers. It is sad to see this American Icon fade, but they had a good run. They are lucky to have made it this far since they basically have not had anything to offer us, the ones who kept them going in the good years, for quite a while now. RIP.

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    Re: Oh dear, say it isn't so

    Considering how poor H-D sales were from the mid-'50s through the mid-'70s; I'd say they're not dead yet. Motorcycle popularity is a generational event and could very well come back. Who knows; H-D may invent the Hover-Glide

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    Re: Oh dear, say it isn't so

    I did some work on the new M-80 last year.I planned on hating it but I actually like this motor,I hate Twinkies.The new one is smooth,quiet & powerful.The chassis was a softail slim with tires that are 130 wide not 180 crap,handled great.

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    Re: Oh dear, say it isn't so

    H-D has always been very happy to refer to prior models (going back to the JD) in their advertising to make buyers believe they were joining a life style and may assume a whole new persona (not just making a purchase).
    However, if anyone who actually owns one of these historic relics shows up and asks to buy a spark plug: "we don't carry those".
    Yes, official policy when I worked at H-D of New York 1982-84. "Don't sell them anything, even if we have it, because we don't want them to come back".
    I tried to get service on my 1959 trike at Pfaff H-D around 1968: "Do you own a current model? Are you going to buy one here? Go away".
    Company loyalty? Ask Joe Petrali.

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    Re: Oh dear, say it isn't so

    Demographics. Boomers are aging and not spending as much $$$ on motorcycles anymore. Adapt or perish.
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