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Thread: Oh dear, say it isn't so

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    Re: Oh dear, say it isn't so

    $22,000 for a street glide. they need to change their business model or i need to change my occupation. who can easily drop that coin on a new motorcycle

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    Re: Oh dear, say it isn't so

    I can't speak for today. Back in the '70's/'80's the MoCo's price to the dealers was twice what they had into the machine. Or at least that is what my District Manager told me.
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    Re: Oh dear, say it isn't so

    Some interesting stats -

    1940 - Sales 10.5 thousand
    1945 - 198 thousand registed motorcycles (one bike per 707 residents)
    1950 - Sales 17 thousand
    1970 - 2.8 million registered motorcycles (one bike per 73 residents)
    1985 - average riders age 27 years old
    2003 - average riders age 41 years old
    2006 - Sales peak at 260k bikes
    2018 - average riders age 50 years old

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    Re: Oh dear, say it isn't so

    my perspective. I started riding street bikes in the mid 80's when I became of age. (dirt bikes before that) My first street bike was a 1988 Ninja 600R brand new! even before it left the showroom floor I put a stage 3 jet kit and a yoshimira pipe on was fast even before that and it was crazy fast afterwords.....18 year old young Navy guy on a fast bike in southern calif. stationed at Point Mugu, Ca. with PCH 1 hyw to play on and topanga canyon....places to go like the famous rock store. I'm lucky to be alive! It was crazy fun but crazy fast and scared the crap out of me several forward to 1992 when I came home I bought a 1987 883 sportster.....time to slow down and live a little. . Road that thing everywhere! Back then in the 90's seemed everyone road a Harley......Waiting list was well over a year for a new Harley. You couldn't even get a parking spot close to the door of any local favorite bars. no matter if in the inner city or out in the country. and nobody had smart phones either.....a few had cell phones as they were just coming out.
    Fast forward to 2010 I upgraded from the sporty to a 2000 Softail Classic (which I don't really ride at all anymore but really do like it and still holding onto it for some reason. I don't know why)
    But now nobody really rides anymore. I'm usually alone and rarely see anyone at the bars on a bike. Seems like they all wait until that once a month charity ride to dress up as leather Pirates and play bad ass Harley dude for a day. LOL
    And its just a sea of street glides as everyone rides those ugly street glides with the radio blaring. Definitely have seen the ridership go down and the average age go up. And everyone wants to go fast. I get it because I went thru that phase briefly. but most around here don't even look at the knuckle when Im out riding. They go over to the newer BMW's adventure bikes and drool over them.
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    Re: Oh dear, say it isn't so

    The last 6 months have been the worst in my many years of motorcycle parts ordering.Out of stock,discontinued,huge price jumps etc etc.

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    Re: Oh dear, say it isn't so

    I remember back in the mid 2000's dealers around here where going gangbusters. Big parking lot parties every weekend, lots of bikes and 40k custom choppers were all selling like crazy. Then the 08 crash hit and they never recovered. And as they tried to build up again their core buyers got older and riding less and they never could figure out anything else to sell to a new generation. When the Livewire came out I knew they didn't have a clue. Too bad, so sad....

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    Re: Oh dear, say it isn't so

    Quote Originally Posted by Paps View Post
    Only reason I hate change as an old man is technology. It eats the wallet with sensor replacements. ECM replacement, error codes which steer one incorrectly for diagnostics. We now live in a disposable world of motorcycles and everything else. KISS was always my motto. Keep It Simple Stupid. Though the newer machines run exceptionally well when new, with outstanding performance, when they turn 8 to 10 years old they begin failing considerably. They fail to a point it is not worth the cost of repairs. Now they sell you another..............
    Couldn't have said it better myself Paps!
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    Re: Oh dear, say it isn't so

    HD just fired the Prz/CEO,stocks way down.
    I agree with Paps exept nightmare electrical problems are showing up well before 8 years on some/most models.

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    Re: Oh dear, say it isn't so

    Matt Levatich, who has been CEO of Harley-Davidson since May 2015, is stepping down from the job, the company said in a news release late Friday. In Levatich’s time at the top sales have fallen every year.
    Yep, he's stepping down alright.

    The company said that Jochen Zeitz, a board member, will take Levatich’s spot on an interim basis until a permanent successor has been named. Cue the usual statements from everyone when a CEO has been fired, or quit, or had a contract that wasn’t renewed, or asked to be fired, or some other truth in between. Either way, the parting is “mutual,” of course.
    Matt, how would you like to step down ?
    I would like to "step down" very much, (he gets a sh!t load of money to "step down")

    Zeitz said, “The Board and Matt mutually agreed that now is the time for new leadership at Harley-Davidson. Matt was instrumental in defining the More Roads to Harley-Davidson accelerated plan for growth, and we will look to new leadership to recharge our business.
    Where is Vaughn Beals when you need him ? Dead I guess, perhaps someone else can do it. Hell, if they called me and offered me the job I would take it.
    I wonder if anyone on the board knows the difference between an engine and a tire ?

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    Re: Oh dear, say it isn't so

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