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Thread: 69 FLH paint help needed

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    69 FLH paint help needed

    I am looking for an example of a 69 flh to get measurements and a good visual. Is the thin white stripe painted or is it vinyl?
    Also, Iím going with orange and black. Is there a paint code for the flat black? Is the black a wrinkle of just flat? Is there a paint code for the orange? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance np

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    Re: 69 FLH paint help needed

    The color is Jet Fire Orange, the tank bottom is black wrinkle paint, I believe the strip was from a roll of vinyl tape.

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    Re: 69 FLH paint help needed

    Yes I know the name of the orange but looking for a paint code to match the black correctly.

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    Re: 69 FLH paint help needed

    You can probably buy the paint from John Pierce at Color Write. He has many H-D colors available.

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    The pinstripe in 1969 was definitely a vinyl paint stripe. I don't know how close you are trying to get on color, but I have heard that Chevy Hugger Orange is in the right ballpark, but it is definitely not an exact match. If you want an exact match, buy your paint from John Pierce.
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