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Thread: Tire Pressure info

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    Tire Pressure info

    Can I get some input for what tire pressure is recommended for Dunlop K70 400-18 tires on a Knucklehead?

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    Re: Tire Pressure info

    Best bet in my opinion is to go with the tire manufacturers recommended pressure and adjust as necessary for ride and handling. As I'm sure you know, tire construction was much different when the MoCo published their recommended pressures for those bikes (obviously 12 psi won't work too well in modern tires).

    24 psi in the rear (16 inch) is about the most my rigid frame likes.

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    Re: Tire Pressure info

    K-70s like high 20s. I have used them on a variety of bikes (never on a Knuckle though) and the tire wear and handling seem best at about 28 PSI.
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    I like to check the side wall for maximum PSI, then subtract 10%. Then go for a ride and see what you think. But I agree the old manuals need to be abandoned for the PSI, different equipment and times.
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    Re: Tire Pressure info

    Thanks guys... I know to ignore the TP info from the old riders manuals, but I haven't had 18" tires on anything since the 70s.

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    Re: Tire Pressure info

    The vehicle manufacturers recommendation takes priority over the tire manufacturers maximum PSI rating. I always laugh when I see a rigid frame bike riding down the freeway with 35 PSI in the rear tire. I see them catching air over every little bump in the road.
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