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    You likely can just poke a nail into the vent hole on the inside of the cap and flip the little plate that is spring loaded onto it's side and leave it like that fixing it forever!

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    If your bike is running fine, it's not possible that your cap only vents one way even if you only can blow one way with your mouth. If it would be so, you would experience trouble to run again a short while after a ride, as the petrol and air inside the tank expands from the heat of the engine and is vented out, and when the tank cools down the air contracts. If that would happen, then the only way in for air would be through the closed float valve. Vacuum would form in the tank and no petrol would not reach the carburetor and the bike wouldn't run more than a short while on the gas in the bowl, or at least have running problems. If the cap valve only would work one way in the other direction, air compressed in the tank would make the gas overflow the carburetor.
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    Re: Gas Caps

    Yea, not to beat a dead horse but my caps looked just like the style pictured only with a neoprene/cork gasket. After some testing I determined they do indeed vent, just not with very minimal pressure as I would have liked for my old tanks. I drilled a 1/16 hole in the little disc/plate in center that Indianut referenced and no more pressure build up. I did not drill the whole way through.
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