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Thread: 1960 xlch rustoration

  1. Re: 1960 xlch rustoration

    Following, thanks for posting
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    Re: 1960 xlch rustoration

    The oil bucket has been stripped, painted and put back in along with the headlamp. I got some wiring sorted out and tested. The television is blocked out as to not offend any political parties in case people were wondering.

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    Re: 1960 xlch rustoration

    Bike is coming along great. I never cared if my political views offended others. I don't care what their political views are either. I am not offended by their views. I may not agree though. That is the way all should feel.

  4. Re: 1960 xlch rustoration

    Your tools are arranged very neatly.

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    Re: 1960 xlch rustoration

    Quote Originally Posted by Charles.L.Pitts View Post
    Your tools are arranged very neatly.
    There only that way at quitting time, a project goes smoother for me when the job site is cleaned up for the next business day.

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    Re: 1960 xlch rustoration

    The flamed rear fender was chopped in the front so it had to go. I had an original rear fender but the area just below the tail lamp is too long on some of them. I took a pattern off my 59 and stenciled it out and trimmed this one.

    In the end it turned out perfect just like this one on the 59

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    Re: 1960 xlch rustoration

    As I stated earlier, the clutch and brake cables where shot. I bought the repro cloth clutch cable from old dude and spent way more time then anyone should be doing cutting it to fit and work right. I salvaged the old clutch inner cable and had enough outter cable to make the brake cable. They don't match but maybe at a later date.

    Also, I had one NOS and one patina oem waffle grip. As expected, the NOS one sticks out like a sore thumb. If anyone has a respectable worn black waffle grip to sell or trade out for another grip let me know.

    And now after all that and looking at the picture, I forgot to put the oiler boot on.
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    Re: 1960 xlch rustoration

    Your causing me some distress Murph.

    I'm currently selling my little brothers 65 XLB for him

    Maybe I should ditch the K model with the bad numbers an concentrate on the Sporty

    Sorry for the hijack
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    Re: 1960 xlch rustoration

    No hi jack here....sounds like you already know what you need to do.

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    Re: 1960 xlch rustoration

    What he said... The XLB is much more desirable.

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