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Thread: 1960 xlch rustoration

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    1960 xlch rustoration

    So this project is for a friend of mine, it came out of moth balls to get a rustoration that I started a few months ago and am now just getting around to sitting in front of the computer. It's pretty much all there and runs and shifts nicely so the motor is going to stay the way it is. I have the correct sheet metal and the goal is to make a nice respectable rider out of it as best I can by just cleaning up what I have.

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    Re: 1960 xlch rustoration

    What a better way to start the new year. Watching a restoration by Murph. Nothing better.

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    Re: 1960 xlch rustoration


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    Re: 1960 xlch rustoration

    I cleaned the motor up, the cylinders were surface rusted more then I liked. The oil bucket is out to be stripped, and now to go over some wrong hardware items. I had a nice set of original seat plungers and t bar too.

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    Re: 1960 xlch rustoration

    You da man Murph, Still would like for you to do the same to my 68 xlch, it is all together, just needs your touch

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    Re: 1960 xlch rustoration

    This will be awesome
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    How did you prep the cylinders and heads for paint?

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    Re: 1960 xlch rustoration

    The best you can do in this situation is scratch paper on a flat putty knife followed by brake clean on a rag with whatever you can use to get it between the fins to clean up. Blow it all down with compressed air and tape off everything. Hit it with some heat silver and hope for the best. I intentionally didn't cover all of it and if it holds.... fine, if not that's fine too. It's hard to draw the line with a rustoration I'm finding with what you leave as is.
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    Re: 1960 xlch rustoration

    Will definitely watch this thread.

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    Re: 1960 xlch rustoration

    I found some decent usable stuff in the stash. I pieced together a steering dampner, voltage reg cover, and a two piece primary cover. Horn brackets and a nice patina horn. The brake and clutch cables were removed, they were in some bad shape.

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