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Thread: UL oil feed pump

  1. UL oil feed pump

    Does anyone have the feed pump that fits a UL BTSV????? All I need it for is the oil pump body or cover, the inner workings don't matter.

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    Re: UL oil feed pump

    There are two: early and late, of course. How many cap screws do you want on top?
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  3. Re: UL oil feed pump

    In my case it doesn't matter. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the early style was the flatside pump, and, the centrifugal bypass came later.....

    Either would work for me, as I'm only using the original SV pump pump body to distribute the oil being fed from the IH pump on this particular BTSV

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    Re: UL oil feed pump

    I've got several nice housings lying around, both single and double check valve.
    But I'm a dutch guy, so postage could be ouch!...
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    Re: UL oil feed pump

    To all foreign enthusiasts: U.S. Postal regs allow anything sent by a U.S. employee (military, Consulate, Ambassador) to send and receive mail and packages to & from U.S. addresses at the same rate as local (1st class etc.) mail. Saves a bunch.
    Find a U.S. service man near you...

  6. Re: UL oil feed pump

    Thanks Lib45, I found one here in the states from another member of this board, Kozy .......

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