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Thread: Linkert M53-A1

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    Linkert M53-A1

    Did all M53-A1 carbs use a idle bleed jet, have read they used a #53 jet, sound right? The one in the shop has a plug in it, not a jet. Thanks Dave

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    Re: Linkert M53-A1

    This is an NOS one and has a jet in it. So at least one came from the factory with it.

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    Re: Linkert M53-A1

    Thanks, I have a couple M-53 to look at that belong to the same fellow and the both have jets but so far neither one wants to come out so I can measure one. The plug in the A1 looks like the one in the bowl stem except half of the slot has been broke off.Thinking i might try to drill it out to the correct size instead of trying to remove it, thoughts?? Thanks Dave

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