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Thread: Mesinger 3 & 4 seat differences

  1. Mesinger 3 & 4 seat differences

    Does anyone know of the actual differences between the Mesinger #3 seats, an the Mesinger #4?

    All I'm aware of is the #4 is 1 inch narrower at the rear (15" compared to 16" for the #3), and was apparently offered as an option as a sport seat. The number of rear half pans I have all seem to measure the same but the pomel, or nose piece comes in two different versions.

    I was lucky enough to pull an original #3 apart, and have no reasons to believe that this had been altered in any way. It's rear pan measured 15" wide, which has confused me.

    Any experts or guru's out there, would love to learn more.

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    Re: Mesinger 3 & 4 seat differences

    all #4 , Ive seen, has narrow pan (no „wings” on side)
    most #3 has wide pan (with „wings”)
    although I have met plenty on #3 with narrow pan
    ussually narrow pan #3 is seen on pre 28/29 machines

    #4 is much rarer than #3

    pommel bolts differ from bike to bike ( different seat tees)
    pommel nose differs between #3/#4 and earlier cantel type #1
    but Ive seen this early style pommel on halfpan seats too

    dont know if it helps you , cause there are no definitive aswers ....

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  3. Re: Mesinger 3 & 4 seat differences

    Thanks MOA, that does help. I have one 1/2 pan that has wings, so that identifies it, and why the #3 I pulled apart is a narrow 1/2 pan.

    Is the #4 pommel the straight sided one? with the 2 extra rivets. (one on each side)?

    So much to learn!

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    Re: Mesinger 3 & 4 seat differences

    both #3 and #4 pommels are stright sided with 2 extra rivets


  5. Re: Mesinger 3 & 4 seat differences

    Not sure what you mean by wings. Can you post a picture?

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    Re: Mesinger 3 & 4 seat differences

    edge of pan is „flipped” down on sides
    like on military WLA seat

    posting pics here is next to impossible
    especially from smartphone....


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