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    Farmer Bob, and farmer Joe are leaning on a fence, looking at Bob's Bull.

    "He just doesn't have that old pep like he used to have." said Bob.

    "Well, maybe he's sick; might get the vet to take a look at him and see if there's something wrong". suggested Joe.

    A month later Bob, and Joe are leaning on the fence watching Bob's bull hard at it with one of the cows.

    "Looks like your bull is back in the game, Bob."

    "He sure is, Joe; the vet gave me some pills to give him and that did the trick."

    "What's the name of the pills, Bob?"

    "I can't pronounce the name, but they taste just like licorice."

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    A farmer and a tractor sales man are sitting in a bar. The salesman is crying in his beer about how bad things are. The farmer says he's had a bad run too. He had gone out to the barn late and had to get one more cow milked. She got mean and kicked over the bucket so he got some rope and tied her hind leg to the wall. Then she kicked him so he took his belt and tied off her other leg . Then his pants fell down. Then his wife came in. Now he can't convince his wife that he went out to milk that cow.

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