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Thread: Servicar question

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    Servicar question

    Going to look at a 64 servicar next weekend. Estate knows nothing about the bike. It's been modified from stock. My number one question is the system 6v or 12v? and is there an easy way to determine that with a non invasive check.

    Bikes not running, no battery or lights installed.
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    Re: Servicar question

    12v,first year of electric start

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    Re: Servicar question

    If it is a stock '64 it has to be 12V, however if it is a '64 engine in another year chassis it is anyone's guess. The voltage is marked on the generator near the two wiring posts.
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    Re: Servicar question

    You can also check a light bulb marking.

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    Re: Servicar question

    Checking the battery is also an alternative
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    Re: Servicar question

    Bikes not running, (no battery) or (lights installed).

    Look at the coil

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    Re: Servicar question

    Look at the breaker: all auto-advance are 12 volt.

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    Re: Servicar question

    If it has an electric starter it is 12V.
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    Re: Servicar question

    Thanks for the info, going to look at it in a couple of weeks. My friend picked it up, been offered to me, we'll see if it can be got running. Not really sure I want a trike, maybe if it was a regular 2 wheeler. So it may well be for sale.

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    Re: Servicar question

    I passed on it. 1964 6v.
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