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Thread: Rear stand catch needed #3067-29

  1. Rear stand catch needed #3067-29

    Anybody know where I can source a rear stand catch part number 3067-29?

    Regards Karl.

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    Re: Rear stand catch needed #3067-29

    They don't reference H-D part number.
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    Re: Rear stand catch needed #3067-29

    Where are you located? I think I have one that I bought by mistake. It’s packed away somewhere. If you want me to look for it I will. Might take some time
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  4. Re: Rear stand catch needed #3067-29

    The other side of the pond, U.K
    Can you remember if it is parkerised or not?
    If its no trouble then it would help. 3067-29 has three bolt hole type and curved to follow the rear fender profile.

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