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Thread: 1969 FLH discovery

  1. 1969 FLH discovery

    I recently purchased a 69 FLH, I removed the fuel tanks to better access the top of the motor for cleaning. It was clear the rocker boxes had been leaking badly for some time by the amount of baked on oil. So the cleaning mission turned into head removal to replace the bad rocker box gaskets. When I pulled the boxes off the heads, there were no gaskets present! I've owned later shovelheads before which definitely had gaskets between the rocker boxes and the heads. What gives? Is this a factory mistake or was this common on the earlier generator shovelheads? Thanks in advance for any information anyone can provide. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to all, Bill

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    Re: 1969 FLH discovery

  3. Re: 1969 FLH discovery

    Thanks so much for the reply and the factory service bulletin information. My bikes VIN is in the 7000-8000 range so it makes sense. I've owned a 66 and a 67 generator shovelhead in the past but could not remember if they had gaskets or not. It's hell getting old, the second thing to go is your memory, I can't remember what's first. I've never had so much cleaning to do, this thing leaked like a sprinkling can. Thanks again and Happy New Year!
    69 FLH 4.JPG69 FLH 2.JPG69 FLH 6.JPG

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    Re: 1969 FLH discovery

    You're welcome. Bike looks good. Is that sparkling blue with black wrinkle?

    Below is another Service Bulletin that may be of interest.

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    That's another good piece of information. Thank you! I'll check mine to see if the update has been done yet. Not sure if it's sparkling blue or not. The bottom portion of the tanks are wrinkle black. Would HD's "sparkling blue" have metallic in it? The paint on the bike has no metallic in it, it looks like an old fashion candy color, with a silver base under it. I believe it is original paint, the white stripe is actually tape, which I was told the factory used on this year.
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    Re: 1969 FLH discovery

    Sparkling blue is Candy/translucent paint.
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    Thanks for the info Robbie! Then he's officially Sparkling Blue. I just buttoned the motor back up and will hopefully be installing the tanks tomorrow. I'm calling him "Ernie" because he was originally purchased at Ernest Cerini HD in Donora PA (original sticker still on rear fender).
    Best Regards, Bill

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