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Thread: Whats wrong with amca forum

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    Whats wrong with amca forum

    When i try to visit the forum from my favorites, the amca home page appears with a block stating ,error, page could not be found, is there a change i am not aware of, thanks, larry

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    Re: Whats wrong with amca forum

    Maybe link is corrupt?

    Try google search amca forum?
    Or clearing cache?

    Goggle amca forum works for me FYI
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    Re: Whats wrong with amca forum

    ...same thing, sort of. Using an old bookmark on my computer the main Club page shows up for a few seconds, but then it changes to the Forum page. So something changed.
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    Re: Whats wrong with amca forum

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    Re: Whats wrong with amca forum

    Same problem here,but said Administrator blocked for that first day of new managment.Then i get emails when somebody responds to my old posts.I'm staying out.

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    Re: Whats wrong with amca forum

    Works fine for me. As for emails, that is in your personal settings. I never subscribe to threads or ask for any notifications on any sites. Don't need any extra BS.
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    Re: Whats wrong with amca forum

    On the error message I click on Ok. Then I go down to visit the forum and click on that. New page opens up that you can log in on or sometimes I can just click right on New Posts and it will log me in and open to the new posts. Yes they are working on a changeover that should be done after the beginning of the new year.
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    I had the same problem. All I did was re-bookmark the page once I found it and now it works like it should. jerry

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    Re: Whats wrong with amca forum

    Quote Originally Posted by Rubone View Post
    Don't need any extra BS.
    That's Golden Robbie, I Love it!!, Not the B.S. , but the phrase!!...

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    Re: Whats wrong with amca forum

    I don't like the new outsourced control,when do they sell all our info to scammers & thiefs?

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