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  1. Smile WLC documentation

    I got a WLC from 1943 ( barn find) . Some parts are missing. I am trying to figure out which are the right ones , especially lights and air filter( square or round). I could until now not find much reliable information. Maybe some one has the right specification for a 1943 WLC or could give me an adresse where I can get informations

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    Re: WLC documentation

    You need to get yourself a copy of the bible

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    thanks rd.king. I have it , but comparing to some other documents there are small differences. But if it is considered to be the bible , I will use it. Just wondering now if H-D had a "factory production sheet per engine number " in the war years. If so , that would be the non plus ultra to have.

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    Re: WLC documentation

    The book covers it pretty well.
    Square air filter some had the spot welded on instruction data plate, others had them stamped into the body.
    standard low mounted head light, export had blackout cover, domestics had standard glass.
    CMP convoy markers for tail lights and running light up front.
    The trick is knowing if it was export or domestic.
    The other thing is knowing what you want it to be, and when to stop.
    How far into the rabbit hole are you willing to go.

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    Re: WLC documentation

    Start with the VIN/ enginenumber.
    If it's a factorynumber look for other telltails; WLC's often got their VIN stamped in the frame to track repairs etc.
    The frontforks and frameneck both have a number cast in them; it should match the year of production as in the case-/bottomnumbers of the engine.
    Palmer's book(s) will get you started from there on.

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    Re: WLC documentation

    I have a Harley military wlc Manual / book for sale

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    thanks a lot for your replies. Will start the tear down in janaury.

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    Re: WLC documentation

    I have a WLC Manual for sale and tons of Harley parts for wla wlc
    [email protected] = MY EMAIL

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    Re: WLC documentation

    here is a really good page on WLC info. shows all the differences between 42 and 43

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