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Thread: Help with Trans ID

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    Re: Help with Trans ID

    Quote Originally Posted by aumick10 View Post
    I have discovered my problem.
    My main shaft is the correct length and part no, but it was manufactured with the clutch taper ground undersized. This pushed the clutch hub further onto the main shaft and resulted on the clutch hub rubbing on the inner primary. The clutch hub would bottom out 0.200" further inwards than where it was supposed to.
    I have sourced a correct mainshaft and will assemble tomorrow.

    This should be a warning that some aftermarket parts are not actually made to OEM standards.

    Thanks to all for your ideas.
    What brand mainshaft was it?
    Grooving in Shovely sunshine

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    Re: Help with Trans ID

    I don't know. Somebody else rebuilt the gearbox and I don't see any marks.

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